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Handout for University Publications

Sign on to osnaDocs

Contact Person

Sabine Boccalini
Open Access Administrative Officer
Telephone: +49 541 969-4568, -2718

To enter your metadata and upload your publication, please sign on with your Osnabrück University user ID. To do so, please click on the menu item "My osnaDocs" via the tab "Sign on to". You should then click the button "Begin a new publication" and select the item "University Publications" of your school in the pulldown menu that opens up.

Metadata Record

The metadata record is the bibliographic description of your publication (author, title, abstract, keywords, etc.).

All fields marked with a red asterisk are required.

Keywords can be freely chosen once you have indicated the language. Other metadata like classifications (DDC, BK, etc.) or publication types can be chosen via menus. Please click on the link "Selection", select the appropriate term from the list that appears in a new window, and enter that term into the form by clicking on it. Please always click through the menu until you reach the lowest level.

Please enter your abstract as plain text. Neither line breaks nor any typographical emphasis (superscript or subscript, italics, bold) are allowed.


The file name may not contain any umlauts, special characters, or empty spaces. In addition, the file name must be chosen according to a specific form:

  • University publications:
    [type of publication]_[year]_[author].pdf
    Example: Commemorative_2018_Schulze.pdf
  • Article:
    Example: PLOS_ONE_11_2_2018_Schulze.pdf
  • Master's Theses:
    Example: Mastersthesis_Meier_2017.pdf

Your publication should be submitted in pdf file format, although postscript file format is also possible. The contents of the pdf must be provided as text. They will not be accepted in graphic format. In addition, security restrictions may not be activated in the pdf file (for example, password protection). All functions—and especially printing and copying—must be allowed. In the pdf, you should mark the (main) section titles of your work as bookmarks, if possible, to make it easier to navigate in the text. Figures should be integrated into the document itself and should be in a format that can be read by common internet browsers (gif, jpg, or png).

There are no restrictions regarding the size of the files that can be uploaded. You also have the option of uploading your document in multiple parts or file formats.

After entering the metadata and uploading the file(s), it will be possible to once again check and, if necessary, correct your publication.


In order to clarify the rights and responsibilities between you and osnaDocs, you must accept the license agreement. In order to clarify your rights vis-à-vis the users of the osnaDocs, you may publish your work under a Creative Commons License.

After Uploading Your University Publication

As soon as the metadata and e-version have been entered into the repOSistorium and you have accepted the license agreement, your publication will be made available to users. When this happens, you will be notified via email.