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License Agreement  – Deposit License

I hereby allow Osnabrück University (represented by the President) and the executing organizational unit, the University Library (represented by the managing library director), to make my document including its abstract and metadata available online for free use according to the license conditions named below. Within the scope of this access, users have the right to use documents free of charge in accordance with copyright law and, in particular, to download, store, or print a small number of copies of the document for private and other personal use (Section 53 of German Copyright Act).

Granting of Rights

The author grants Osnabrück University the temporally unlimited and irrevocable, nonexclusive right to make their document, including abstract and metadata, publicly available, to archive the document in the repository of the University of Osnabrück, and to reproduce it for these purposes. Copyright protection is not affected by this license. The University of Osnabrück reserves the right to decline publication because of content-related or technical deficiencies or because of unclear legal status.

Rights of Third Parties

The author declares that no rights of third parties are being infringed in making their document and all of its parts (such as figures) publicly available (such as rights of co-creators, co-authors, publishers, external funders). In particular, the author declares that no publisher or other third party (such as an external funder) has an exclusive right of use.

The author agrees to release Osnabrück University from liability for such claims made by third parties for infringement of copyright or exclusive rights of use because of the publication of the author’s work in the University’s repository, which result from negligent or false information provided by the author regarding the nonexistence of rights of third parties or other circumstances for which the author is responsible. This does not apply if the infringement is the result of intentional or grossly negligent conduct on the part of Osnabrück University as the operator of the repository and the author is not equally responsible for such intention or gross negligence. In the latter case, an apportionment of damages is to take place weighing in particular the share of fault.

The parties to the contract agree to promptly inform each other if third parties make claims against the parties to the contract based on the rights of third parties to copyright or use of the work. Osnabrück University has the right to block access to the document insofar as specific evidence for the infringement of rights of third parties exists or other legal provisions require it.

Long-Term Archiving and Reformatting in Other Formats

In the scope of granting rights according to point 1, the author gives Osnabrück University the right to store the documents they have provided in a long-term archive and, if necessary (in the case of migrating from one platform to another, providing accessibility, improving accessibility, or development), to reformat them in other electronic and physical formats.

Transfer of Metadata and Documents

In the scope of granting rights according to point 1, the author gives Osnabrück University the right to make the metadata including abstract of their document available to other data banks free of charge under the CC0 (CC-Zero) license. In addition, the author grants Osnabrück University the right to make their document available to third parties in the scope of national collective orders for providing online access or archiving. The rights granted by this license can be conferred in whole or part to third parties and simple rights of use can be assigned to other repositories, or a third party can be tasked with making the document available, without any need to obtain the specific agreement of the author for this purpose.

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