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Handout for E-Dissertations

Contact Person

Dr. Jost Hindersmann
Electronic Information Services
Telephone: +49 541 969-4335

The obligation to publish your dissertation is fulfilled by delivering an electronic version and six printed copies. The doctoral degree regulations of the schools allow your dissertation to be published electronically. To do so, you must

  • Sign on to osnaDocs.
  • Enter a bibliographic description of your dissertation, the so-called metadata record, into an online form.
  • upload the electronic version (e-version) of your work to the server in two different formats.
  • provide six printed copies of your dissertation (print version).
  • fill out several forms and submit them with your signature.
  • Please note the instructions for the cumulative e-dissertation.

Please note that a previous doctoral degree regulation may be valid for your procedure and in case of doubt inform yourself in your examination office or on its website.

Sign on to osnaDocs

To enter your metadata and upload your dissertation, please sign on with your Osnabrück University user ID. To do so, please click on the menu item "My osnaDocs" via the tab "Sign on to". You should then click the button "Begin a New Publication" and select the item "E-dissertations" of your school in the pulldown menu that opens up.

Metadata Record

The metadata record is the bibliographic description of your dissertation (author, title, abstract, keywords, etc.). All fields marked with a red asterisk are required. You may freely choose your keywords. Please only enter one keyword per field. For other subject indexing systems (DDC, BK, etc.) please click on the link "Please Select Here", select the appropriate term from the list that appears in a new window, and enter that term into the form by clicking on it. Please always click through the subject indexing systems until you reach the lowest level. This level is indicated by the notepaper symbol. For DDC and BK, this is the second level. Please enter your abstract as plain text. Neither line breaks nor any typographical emphasis (superscript or subscript, italics, bold) are allowed.
The metadata you have entered will be sent to you and to the examination committee automatically.


The University Library needs your dissertation in two versions: in a presentation format (visible for everyone) and in a source format (visible only for administrators). Please prepare these two versions as follows: Compress the dissertation file that you prepared in Word, OpenOffice, LibreOffice, or TeX and save it in zip, tar, or tar.gz file format. For the file name of the compressed file, use this format: thesis_lastname_zip. You should also convert the dissertation that you have written as a Word or TeX file to a pdf file and save it under the name thesis_lastname.pdf. Special characters and umlauts must be spelled out in the file name. Please also note that you should use lowercase spelling. Example: A dissertation written by Kirsten Kämmerle should be uploaded as thesis_kaemmerle.pdf and as thesis_kaemmerle.zip. Security restrictions may not be activated in the pdf file (for example, password protection). All functions – and especially printing and copying – must be allowed. Please also check the document properties of the pdf file. In the pdf version, you should mark the section titles of your work as bookmarks, if possible, to make it easier to navigate in the text. Figures should be integrated into the document itself and should be in a format that can be read by common internet browsers (gif, jpg, or png). There are no restrictions regarding the size of the files that can be uploaded. After entering the metadata and uploading the files, it will be possible to once again check and, if necessary, correct your publication.
You may publish your work under a creative commons license.
You must agree to the rules of procedure for electronic dissertations issued by the Senate of Osnabrück University and the license agreement of osnaDocs.

Print Version

In addition to the e-version, the doctoral degree regulations require the submission of printed copies of your dissertation (archive copies). They must be printed on archival-quality, wood-free, and acid-free paper (DIN/ISO 9706) in a permanent binding (i. e., an adhesive binding; no spiral or stapled bindings are allowed). The title page of the dissertation must contain at least the following information: Author(s), title, dissertation reference, Osnabrück University, department, year (see example).
The submitted copies must correspond exactly to the e-version.
Exceptions exist only under certain conditions for cumulative dissertations. Please refer to the notes regarding cumulative dissertations.

Delivery of deposit copies

The Deutsche Nationalbibliothek now waives the delivery of the print versions as deposit copies for dissertations with identical print and e-versions. In this case, you only have to submit four print copies to the library. However, if it is a cumulative dissertation, where the print version and the e-version are not completely identical, you must submit six print copies.

Of the four or six copies, three will remain in the Osnabrück University Library; the remaining or the remaining three will be forwarded to the Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Bibliothek - Niedersächsische Landesbibliothek (and, if applicable, to the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek (Frankfurt am Main and Leipzig)) in accordance with the law on deposit copies.

You announce the submission of your dissertation to us via the registration form. You can choose whether you prefer to send your print copies by mail or to arrange a personal submission date. We will gladly consider your preferred date, if possible.


1. Contract

A contract will be concluded between the University Library and you as a doctoral candidate, the contents of which are determined by the rules of procedure approved by the Senate of Osnabrück University. Please submit two signed copies of the contract to Dr. Jost Hindersmann or the University Publication Department of the University Library. In the contract, please enter a current address where we can reach you. Since you are granting the University Library the non-exclusive right to electronically distribute your dissertation, you retain the right to also publish your dissertation with a publisher as long as the publisher does not require the e-version to be deleted.

Contract (pdf file)

Rules of Procedure (pdf file)

2. Declaration

With this form, you affirm in lieu of an oath that the contents of the presentation format are identical with the format of the examination and that the information provided in the metadata record is correct. The examination format is the dissertation in the form that was accepted by the dissertation committee as a scholarly achievement in the sense of the doctoral degree regulations or approved with the agreement of the dean of the school as a revised version. If the presentation format contains changes from the examination format, these must be approved by the advisor and the dean. Please submit a signed copy of this declaration to Dr. Jost Hindersmann or the University Publication Department of the University Library.

Declaration (pdf file)

3. Letter from the Chair of the Dissertation Committee

The chair of the dissertation committee must confirm in writing to the director of the University Library that

  • all requirements for the doctoral degree have been fulfilled in the respective school except for the delivery of the required copies
  • electronic publication by the University Library is recognized as fulfilling the regulations regarding required copies of the respective doctoral degree regulations
  • with its letter, the dissertation committee officially confirms the contents of the metadata record.

Model Letter (pdf file)

Shipping address

We will gladly accept your print copies by mail. Please use the following address:

Osnabrück University Library
- for the attention of Dr. Jost Hindersmann -
Alte Münze 16
49074 Osnabrück

In order to keep the shipping risk low, we recommend sending it as an insured package. Upon request, we will confirm receipt of the package by e-mail. This confirmation does not replace the delivery confirmation.

Alternatively, you are welcome to hand in your print copies in person. Please use the registration form to request your preferred date.

After Uploading Your Dissertation

As soon as you have entered your metadata record and the e-version of your dissertation, and the print version, declaration, and letter from the chair of the dissertation committee have been provided to Dr. Jost Hindersmann or to the University Publication Department of the University Library, your work will be published. You will then be notified by email and receive the final confirmation of your concluded contract, as well as a confirmation of your submission, by mail.